UPDATE - Call to Action - Stop Planned Parenthood in Knox County Schools


Thank you for your support of our efforts to remove Planned Parenthood from Knox County Schools.  Supt. McIntyre has stopped them from presenting next year, but they will be allowed to continue for the balance of this semester.  This causes grave concern and must be addressed.

FIRST email ALL school board members putting this title in the subject line:

"Please stop Planned Parenthood this semester"

Then copy and paste these two points into your email, along with your own comments, and sign your name:

"Prohibit Planned Parenthood sex ed presentations in our schools this year!"

"Prohibit taxpayer money from funding teachers and district staff to attend Planned Parenthood seminars and training events."

Use this link to access their email addresses:  Knox County School Board E-Mail Addresses

THEN...  Please attend the next school board meeting on Wednesday, April 6th at 5 PM in the Main Assembly Room of the City-County Building at 400 Main Street.  A strong show of support is needed at this meeting.

To Get Informed:  Watch the video from the School Board's March meeting.

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Iowa Parents Shocked by Planned Parenthood's Teaching - You Should Be Too!

Parents in the heartland community of Shenandoah, Iowa were recently shocked when their kids returned home telling stories about what they had learned in school.  One parent said that, among the myriad of distasteful things taught, Planned Parenthood educators demonstrated sexual positions for the students. Knox County residents should know, Planned Parenthood is approved and is teaching in some Knox County schools.  Read more on the story here... http://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/06/22/graphic-sex-ed-class/?test=latestnews 

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